A Study on the Free Oscillation of the Earth with Earth Tide Gravimeter

지구 조석 중력계에 의한 지구의 자유진동에 관한 연구

  • 조원희 (군사과학대학원 지구공학과)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


Any mechanical system has a natural oscillation which can be excited, and the earth is no exception. The earth can oscillate in an indefinite number of normal modes of oscillation, rather like a giant bell. The various free modes are generally sparated into two categoridal modes and toroidal modes. Clearly the toroidal modes will produce no perturvation of the gravity field and no vertical acceleration on the surface of the earth. Hence only spheroidal modes can be detected with a gravimeter. EarthTide gravimeter was installed at AIMST in order to observe free modes of the earth. Eight major earthquakes including chinese earthquake (magnitude 7.3) with free oscillations of the earth are observed during one year (1998. 8. 1∼1999.7.31). And then the earth tides components were eilminated from earthquake records using a numerical Butterworth highpass filter. Spectral analysis of gravity readings repersent that 48 observations of shheroidal modes. The relationships between instrumental observations and theoretical predictions based on the Gutenberg earth model agree well those resulting from free oscillation in Korea.



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