The Assesment of Heavy metal Pollution in Sewage Sludeges from Gully Pots Alongside Some Main Roads in Seoul, Korea

서울시 도로변의 빗물받이에서 체취한 하수슬러지의 중금속 오염 평가

  • 이평구 (한국자원연구소 자연재해방재연구단)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


Gully pot is a part of urban darainage system to butter the runoff water fluxes from road to rivers and to minimize environmental pollution by prevending over the surrounding area. A series of studies have been carried out concerning the physicochemical characteristics of the sewage sludge sediments sttling down in such a gully pot in order to over to evaluate the contamination for heavy metals such as pb, Zn, Cu and Cd. The roadside soil and sewage sludge samples from gully pots were characterized by XRD analyses and sequential extraction : Zn 2595.7$\mu$g/g; Cd9.8$\mu$/g; Cu602.5$\mu$g/g; Pb260.0$\mu$g/g),because of a long-term accumulation of vehicle- and industrial-related pollutants. Mean Zn concentration in Yeouido (3873$\mu$g/g) and Junggu(3262$\mu$g/g)areas are 4-5 times higher than those in Dobonggu area, suggesting that Zn may be derived from automobile traffic (including the rubber of automobile tires). The mean concentrations of Cu and Cr are very significantly high in Junggu and Gurogu areas, possibly due to the industrial activities in these areas. The low Pb levels throughtotut the whole study areas in Seoul can be accounted for the use of unleaded gasoline since 1987. Sequential extraction experiments illustrate that a major part of Zn is bound to FII and FIII, representing about 88% of the total Zn concentration. Fraction IV, related to orgnic matter, is mostly significant for Cu accounting for 60% of the total Cu, and FII is next in importance. The main carriers of Pb are the fractions III, II and FIV, and in that order. The behavior of Cd is quite different from other elements (Zn, Cu, Pb), and most of the Cd is associated with FV. Changes in the physicochemical environments (such as acidification) may result in severe environmental pollution of surface water and rivers with respect to heavy metals (especially Zn and Cu).



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