Synthesis of Zeolite From Fly Ash

석탄회를 이용한 제올라이트의 열수합성

  • 진지영 (연세대학교 지구시스템과학과)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


Through alkaline hydrothermal activation processes, zeolite minerals were synthesized from fly ashes produced at Youngwol and Boryoung power plants. The syntheses were performed in a closed teflon vessel with a teflon-coated magnetic bar for continuous stirring during the reaction periods. The experiments were caeeied out at three different reaction temperatures ($100^{\circ}C$,$200^{\circ}C$, and $250^{\circ}C$), with varying NaOH concentations (0.5~8N) and reaction time (24 to 288 hours). Mineralogical characterization of the reaction products indicated that Na-p1, analcime, and hydroxysodalite were dominant zeolites formed from the both fly ashes at the given experimental conditions, The highest amount of zoelites produced from the Youngwol and Boryoung fly ash were:60 and 45wt%for Na-P1, 70 and 45wt% for analicime, 50 and 40wt% for hydroxysodalite, respectively. A small amount of zeolite A was present in NaP-dominant dample is about 250 meq/100g. This suggests the possibility of its utilization as an ion-absorbent.



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