A Study on the Social Workers' Attitude toward the Elderly in Korea

노인에 대한 사회복지사의 태도 조사

  • Lee, Hye-Won (Sung Kong Hoe University, Dept. of Social Welfare)
  • 이혜원 (성공회대학교 사회복지학과)
  • Published : 1999.12.25


The purpose of this study is to measure the social workers' knowledge of aging and attitude toward the elderly in Korea, and to find out the variables that may influence the social workers' attitude. One hundred and eighty three social workers working in a community welfare center were given the questionnaire containing the Kyung San Facts on Aging Quiz to measure the level of knowledge of aging and Yoon(1988)'s scale to find the direction of attitude toward the elderly. The results of this study are analyzed as follows: (1) The social workers' level of knowledge of aging was 65.3%, which was higher than America nurses(62.0%) and Korean nurses(65.0%). (2) The mean of social workers' attitude toward the elderly 65.5 points, which was more positive than nurses in other studies. (3) The social workers' levels of knowledge of aging(p<0.001), personal experience with the elderly(p<0.001), and volunteer experience for the elderly(p<0.05) influence the social workers' attitude toward the elderly. Based on the research results, implications for the future practice are discussed, and suggestions for making social workers' attitude toward the elderly more positive are also included.