A Study on Community Service Order : It's Effective Introduction, Operation, and Establishment in Korea

우리나라 사회봉사명령제도의 효과적 도입, 운영 및 정착에 관한 연구

  • 배임호 (숭실대학교 사회사업학과)
  • Published : 1999.12.25


Community Service Order is a program that holds a significant place in the system of probation. With its important role in the probation, there is an equally high expectation of the intervention from the program among the people which it serves. The problem lies in that people's understanding of the program is minimized to merely a volunteer-based social activity, which cause a division on how the program is to be run. The purpose of this research is to come up with a method that can efficiently organize the administrative plan to maximize its potentiality of the program. To adopt such a plan, "Sentencing to Service," an effective community service order program in Minnesota, U. S. A. was examined. An interview with the administrative staff, as well as a survey, using systematic sampling, with the participants was conducted to study the effective process and intervention of the program that has existed for fifteen years. The result concluded that "Sentencing to Service" is a successful program with the components of success being that of a positive support from the local community and high motivation level of the participants. In order for the program to be a positive experience for the participants, it is highly contingent upon the crew leaders. On the basis of the research findings, the following suggestions are made. First, a structured guideline for those who are involved in the program is necessary. Second, thorough training provided for the crew leaders are required and a social worker is recommended for the position of crew leader. Lastly, Community Service Order should not widen the net, but ought to serve as an alternative to incarceration.