Development and Application of a Model for Estimating Social Expenditures in Korea

한국의 사회보장비 산출모형 설정과 추정

  • Published : 1999.12.25


There are few studies on the estimation of social expenditures, since few efforts so far have been made to introduce and study social expenditures based on OECD standards. Previous studies focused on the total amount based on ILO and IMF criteria, which is limited in the estimation of social expenditures by function and in detail. Accordingly, government and research institutes have faced difficulties from the lack of relevant statistics in establishing policies and performing research. This study, therefore, aims to develop an estimation model for social expenditures, and define the scope of the social security scheme and finances. In the process of developing this model, the accuracy of the scale of social expenditures estimated according to OECD criterion was also considered. Specifically, efforts were made to secure transparency of estimation through omission or duplication of expenditures. The estimation of Korea's social expenditures is applied to this model. The estimates for the year 1997 revealed 30,918.2 billion Won or 6.82% of GDP, which is a 20.8% increase per annum.