Job Satisfaction of the Elementary School Foodservice Dietitians by Their Foodservice Type

초등학교 급식유형에 따른 영양사의 직무 만족도

  • Published : 1999.07.30


This study was to investigate the factors which influence foodservice dietitians' job satisfaction and dissatisfaction by the elementary school foodservice type using questionnaires. The results of the study are as followings : 1) Foodservice types of the subjects were urban 49(23.2%), country 141(66.8%) and island 21(10.0%). 79.6% of the urban type were operated by the conventional, independent management system, where 38.3% of the country and 52.4% of the island type were operated by conventional, joint management system. 2) Urban type dietitians showed significantly lower satisfaction on their salary & promotion(1.5) compare to country & island types(p<0.05). Island type dietitians showed significantly lower satisfaction on the student's health improving(2.4) compare to country &urban types(p<0.05). 3) Dietitians of urban type were dissatisfied more 'personnel management(3.2)' than dietitians of other two types. Dietitians of country type and island type were dissatisfied more 'extra work load(2.6)' than dietitians of urban type. 4) Work load was lots orderly island, country and urban types. Working attitudes were the most positive at dietitians of urban type and the most negative at dietitians of island type. 5) Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction of dietitians were correlated with number of meals, number of school transfer, cook license, additional job and school foodservice location type.