A Study of Drinking Behavior among Students at Yangsan College

양산대학생들의 음주행동에 관한 조사연구(I)

  • Shin, Ae-Sook (Dept. of Hotel Culinary Arts, Yansan College) ;
  • Woo, Moon-Ho (Korea Restaurant Business Association Pusan Agency in Buffet Restaurant Association)
  • 신애숙 (양산대학 호텔조리과) ;
  • 우문호 (대한음식업중앙회 부산광역시지부산하뷔페협의회)
  • Published : 1999.05.30


The purpose of this study is to investigate the drinking patterns and behaviors of Yangsan College students. Data were collected by a self-administered survey from the subjects, of which male students were 336 and female 165. The results of this study were as follows: 1. With regard to attitude toward drinking, 93.1% of the male subjects and 84.3% female subjects reported to have favor for drinking while only 9.3% of the subjects against drinking. 2. Those who reported to have at least a drink everyday were 13.3% of the subjects. For drinking frequency subjects who reported once in two or three day were most popular(21.9%). The frequency of drinking alcohol was associated positively with amount of discretionary money the students have. 3. For amount of drinking, 42.5% of subjects responded that they were able to drink soju at least one bottle per occasion. Data showed a high positive correlation between drinking frequency and financial costs they spent to drink. 4. The reasons subjects gave to drink included social gatherings after school or student activities (40.1%), change of mood(16.5%), and personal cerebration(16.5%). 5. The most popular place for the subject to go for a drink was neighborhood pubs(43.5%), followed by bar or pubs at downtown(28.3%) and nearby campus(12.2%).