The Comparison of Food Culture between Korea and Japan through Korean Communication Facilities and Japanese Envoys, Agasang.Subaesang.Kwaban of the Choson Dynasty through the Dinner Party in Thusima Island

조선통신사(朝鮮通信使) 및 일본사신(日本使臣)을 통해서 한(韓).일(日)간의 음식문화(飮食文化)의 비교와 , 대마도에서의 연회(宴會)를 통해서 본 조선왕조(朝鮮王朝)의 수배상(壽杯床).과반(果盤).아가상(阿架床) 고(考)

  • 김상보 (대전보건대학 전통조리과)
  • Published : 1999.05.30


The following demonstrates similarities between Japanese and Korean food culture. The facts have been discovered through the examination of records kept by Korean Communication Facilities and Japanese Envoys. Both countries used the numbers 7, 5, 3, in food treats. Both demonstrated Da do(茶道) style during banquet. Japanese Na-ra-dae(奈良臺) is similar to Korean Sue-bae-sang(壽杯床). Both countries had a Kan-ban(decorative table, 看盤) and Mi-soo(wine and someatables, 味數) during banquet. The composition of the table may be the same for both Korean Geo-sick-oh-kwa-sang and Japanese 3Jeup(soups) 15Che(dishes). Agasang is a Kan-ban(decorative table) of Choson's Da-do(茶道) style.