The Study of Dietary Culture in East Cot Area in Kyungpook Province (II) - for Sacrificial Rites Foods -

경북 동해안 지역 식생활 문화에 관한 연구(II) - 제례 음식 -

  • Yoon, Suk-Kyung (Department of Food and Nutrition, Andong National University) ;
  • Park, Mi-Nam (Graduate School of Education, Andong National University)
  • 윤숙경 (안동대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 박미남 (안동대학교 교육대학원)
  • Published : 1999.05.30


The several sacrificial rites foods in east coast areas Kyungpook province, Pohang, Youngduk, and Uljin, were surveyed. For the anniversary menorial service, the food items in these reas were mainly rice(Bab'), soup(Guk'), stew(Tang'), fruits, neats and fishes, alcohol which are the typical food items for any other area in Korea. In this east coast area, the seaweed was used more often than in inner land area for this rite food. Four kinds of rice cake(Ddeok' or Pyun') were surveyed for this rite. For the baked food item(Geuk'), the fish squid and the Alaska pollack were used frequently for Geuk'. For the fruits dishes, 3 items were the basic. Tang' which was made with the various fishes, were used very frequently. For the religious memorial service for god to guard the household, the displayed food items were different from depending on the type of the god to guard the household, however, the general display of the food items was almost the same as in land area. For the winter sacrificial rite, the boiled rice(97%) and Bakpyun' was used mostly for the Ddeok'. For the Guk', bean sprout was used mostly, however, the seaweed soup was also used(7%). The fish Tang' was the most used one(35%). For young-deung-je', which implied th safe guard of the household, most of the food items are similar to those of the normal sacrificial rite, however, the fishes which were not fishy were used. The housekeeper arranged the rite to catch a large amount of the fishes and to hope the wellbeing of the household, Poong-yer-je is so called as Byul-sin-gud'(a practice of an exorciser). The food items for this Poong-yer-je' were almost similar to those of the winter sacrificial rite, however, Geulpyun' was mostly used for the Pyun'. In addition that, the red-bean Si-ruddock', Baekpyun', and Yung-ddock'(a dragon cake) were used for this rite, At the end of the sacrificial rite, Yong-ddock' was served to the dragon king which was believed in sea.