Physicochemical Characteristics of Traditional Vinegars in Andong province

안동지역 전통식초의 이화학적 특성

  • Published : 1999.03.30


Three kinds of traditional Andong vinegars, manufactured from Songwhaju which was a traditional rice alcoholic beverage in Andong province, were investigated on the physicochemical characteristics compared with commercial rice vinegar speciality and on the factors affecting their flavor components. Traditional Andong vinegars had a low level of total acids$(3.1{\sim}3.6%)$ and more soluble solids than rice vinegar speciality. Lactic acid contents were also high and it came from lactic acid fermentation in the early stage of the vinegar manufacturing process. Other organic acids such as malic, citric and succinic acid were also detected. Free amino acid analysis showed that alanine, arginine and leucine contents, which were known as a main characteristics of rice vinegar, were especially high. In addition, a considerable amounts of glutamic acid and aspartic acid which were known as a mild effectors of acidic taste in rice vinegar products were detected.