Dose-Response Relationship of Micronucleus Frequency in Pollen Mother Cells of Tradescantia

자주달개비 화분모세포 미세핵 생성률의 방사선량-반응 관계

  • Published : 1999.12.30


This study was carried out to investigate the radiation dose-response of micronucleus frequencies in Tradescantia pollen mother cells. The number of micronuclei increased in the tetrads as a result of chromosome deletion after irradiation. The maximal frequency of micronuclei showed a good dose-response relationship in the range of dose $0{\sim}50$ cGy. On the basis of the relationship, a dose of 1 cGy results maximally in two additional micronuclei in 100 tetrads. The radiation dose-response relationship of micronucleus occurrence is prerequisite to biological monitoring of radiations. The micronucleus assay can be applied to biological risk assessment of environmental toxicants, and to integrity test of water or soils of interest.