Assessment of Effective Doses in the Radiation Field of Contaminated Ground Surface by Monte Carlo Simulation

몬테칼로 시뮬레이션에 의한 지표면 오염 방사선장에서의 유효선량 평가

  • Published : 1999.12.30


Effective dose conversion coefficients from unit activity radionuclides contaminated on the ground surface were calculated by using MCNP4A rode and male/female anthropomorphic phantoms. The simulation calculations were made for 19 energy points in the range of 40 keV to 10 MeV. The effective doses E resulting from unit source intensity for different energy were compared to the effective dose equivalent $H_E$ of previous studies. Our E values are lower by 30% at low energy than the $H_E$ values given in the Federal Guidance Report of USEPA. The effective dose response functions derived by polynomial fitting of the energy-effective dose relationship are as follows: $f({\varepsilon})[fSv\;m^2]=\;0.0634\;+\;0.727{\varepsilon}-0.0520{\varepsilon}^2+0.00247{\varepsilon}^3,\;where\;{\varepsilon}$ is the gamma energy in MeV. Using the response function and the radionuclide decay data given in ICRP 38, the effective dose conversion coefficients for unit activity contamination on the ground surface were calculated with addition of the skin dose contribution of beta particles determined by use of the DOSEFACTOR code. The conversion coefficients for 90 important radionuclides were evaluated and tabulated. Comparison with the existing data showed that a significant underestimates could be resulted when the old conversion coefficients were used, especially for the nuclides emitting low energy photons or high energy beta particles.