A Study on the Environmental Radioactive Strontium Analysis

환경중 방사성 스트론튬 분석 방법 연구

  • Published : 1999.09.30


In the natural, there exist several kinds of radioactive isotopes. From atmospheric weapon tests and then some isotopes are naturally radioactivity above all things, nuclear power plant operation and man-made radioactive isotopes concern steadily growing in the environment. During the fission process of nuclear weapon tests and nuclear power plant operation, more than 200 radioactive isotopes are generated. Among them, $^{90}Sr$ and $^{137}Cs$ has been regarded as very important isotopes due to characteristics. In this paper, a quantitative analysis method of environment low level $^{90}Sr$ is studied. Radioactivity level of the environmental $^{90}Sr$ is very low, and it emits continuous beta spectrum, and $^{90}Sr$ exists together with $^{89}Sr$, $^{90}Y$ and other radioactive isotopes. It very difficult to make the quantitative analysis of $^{90}Sr$. For the analysis of low level radioactive strontium, enrich and chemical separation of strontium from the other radioactive isotopes are needed. For the estimation of strontium recovery ratio, so called SGAT(Strontium Gravimetric Analysis Technique) was generally used among the domestic research groups, and chemical procedures were developed appropriation for the SGAT, Recently, by using ICP(Inductively Coupled atomic Plasma emission spectrophotometer), amounts of stable atoms can be measured easily and accurately to the extend of ppm or ppb. In this paper, new chemical procedures are developed to exploits the ICP technique. New developed method has simpler chemical treatment procedures and then it gives more accurate results compared with the traditional SGAT.