Neutron Personal Dose Equivalent Evaluation Using Panasonic UD-809P Type TLD Albedo Dosimeters

Panasonic UD-809P 알비도 열형광선량계를 이용한 중성자 개인선량당량 평가

  • Shin, Sang-Woon (Nuclear Environment Technology Institute, KEPCO) ;
  • Son, Joong-Kwon (Nuclear Environment Technology Institute, KEPCO) ;
  • Jin, Hua (Korea Electric Power Research Institute, KEPCO)
  • 신상운 (한국전력공사 원자력환경기술원) ;
  • 손중권 (한국전력공사 원자력환경기술원) ;
  • 김화 (한국전력공사 전력연구원)
  • Published : 1999.09.30


Panasonic UD-809P type albedo neutron TL dosimeters mounted on a water phantom were used to measure neutron personal dose equivalent in a Korean nuclear power plant. From the measured TL readings, personal dose equivalents from thermal, epithermal and fast neutrons were evaluated by using a method adopted in a neutron dose calculation algorithm for Panasonic UD-809P type albedo neutron TL dosimeters, which was suggested in a Panasonic TLD System User's Manual. The results showed that personal dose equivalent from fast neutrons could not be adequately evaluated in a field with high thermal neutron fraction to be encountered in a nuclear power plant. This seems to be related to the incomplete incidence of albedo thermal neutrons to the TL dosimeters. In order to evaluate appropriately the personal dose equivalent from fast neutrons in the field condition, new method fer the neutron dose calculation algorithm was suggested. In this new method, neutrons are grouped into thermal neutrons and fast neutrons. For each neutron component, equations for TL response, sensitivity factor, calibration factor and personal dose equivalent were derived.