$^{137}Cs$ Concentrations in Cultivated Soils of Korea

우리나라 경작지 토양중 $^{137}Cs$ 농도

  • Published : 1999.06.30


For understanding the radiation environment in the land of Korea and acquiring baseline data to be referred to at the time of a nuclear accident, cultivated soils in the $0{\sim}15cm$ layer were sampled at 33 sites scattered all over the country and $^{137}Cs$ concentrations were measured by $\gamma$-spectrometry. The soil $^{137}Cs$ concentrations were in the range of $0.7{\sim}17.7$ Bq/kg-dry in the paddy field and $1.2{\sim}27.8$ Bq/kg-dry in the upland field, The means were 6.9 Bq/kg-dry and 9.9 Bq/kg-dry, respectively. In the paddy field, the soil $^{137}Cs$ concentration was positively correlated to the organic matter content and negatively correlated to the clay content. In the upland field, it was positively correlated to the cation exchange capacity. It was revealed that soil organic matter play an important role in the change of soil $^{137}Cs$ concentration.