Validation of a Real-Time Dose Assessment System over Complex Terrain

복잡한 지형상에서 실시간 피폭해석 시스템 검증

  • Published : 1999.03.30


A real-time dose assessment system(FADAS : Following Accident Dose Assessment System) has been developed for the real-time accident consequence assessment against a nuclear accident. Field tracer experiment near Younggwang nuclear power plant was performed to improve the accuracy of developed system and to parameterize the site-specific parameters into the FADAS. The mean values and turbulent components of wind profile obtained through field experiment have been reflected to FADAS with site-specific conditions. The simulated results of diffusion model agreed well with the measured data through tracer experiment. The developed system is being used as a basic module of emergency preparedness system in Korea. The diffusion model which can be reflected site-specific parameters will be improved through field experiments continuously.