Selective separation of Strontium in the solution containing Calcium by Supported Liquid Membrane

함침형 액막을 이용한 Calcium 함유 용액으로부터 Strontium의 선택적 분리

  • Published : 1999.03.30


In order to separate $Sr^{2+}$ selectively from environmental sample solutions containing $Ca^{2+}$, supported liquid membranes(SLM) were prepared and their characteristics of separation were investigated. The contents of carriers, DC18C6 and DNNS, in SLM affected the permeabilities of metal ions and selectivities of $Sr^{2+}$. The selectivity of $Sr^{2+}$ reached to 93.3% in a SLM with 0.1 M DC18C6 and 25 mM DNNS. When the ratio of $Sr^{2+}$ to $Ca^{2+}$ concentration in the feed solution was in the range of 1/25 to 1/50, the selectivity of $Sr^{2+}$ was greater than 90 %. Therefore, it is considered that the SLM prepared in this study is capable of treating environmental sea-water samples for strontium measurement.