A Studies of Uranium Isotopes Determination in Environmental Samples Using TBP Extraction

TBP 용매추출법을 이용한 토양시료중 우라늄 동위원소 분석법 개선에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1999.03.30


Using the TBP slovent extraction method, a simple and precise method for determining uranium isotopes in the environment samples was developed. The soil sample was decomposed with $HNO_3$ and HF. Uranium isotopes were extracted with 15% TBP in $CCl_4$ from aqueous phase to organic phase, and Th fraction was removed with 8M HCl. Uranium fraction was purified in back extraction step with 1M HCl. Optimized electrode position conditions of uranium Isotopes were set using a new electrode position solution including a DTPA chelating agent. The new method of uranium isotopes determination was validated with a result of application to IAEA Reference Soils.