Effect of Inorganic Salts and Various Bioreactors on the Production of Clavulanic Acid

무기염과 생물반응기의 종류가 Clavulanic acid의 생산에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1999.08.01


For the effecient production of clavulanic acid., a mutant strain Streptomyces clavuligerus KK was selected from Streptomyces clavuligerus ATCC 27064 through mutation with NTG. S. clavuligerus ATCC 27064 produced about 200 mg/L of calvulanic acid when the medium was composed of 1%(W/V) glycerol, 1.5%(W/V) soybean flour, 0.1%(W/V) $KH_2PO_4$, 0.2%(V/V) soybean oil. A selected mutant, S. clavuligerus KK, produced about 1150 mg/L of clavulanic acid in the same medium. After the addition of $MgSO_4$ to the basal medium, S. clavuligerus KK produced about 1550 mg/L of clavulanic acid, with shows about 1.3 times higher than that produced in the basal medium. In order to select the proper bioreactor for the production of clavulanic acid, a batch culture was performed in an airlift, a bubble column and an stirred tank bioreactors. In an airlift bioreactor, about 1350 mg/L of clavulanic acid was produced, in a bubble column bioreactor, about 1550 mg/L, in a stirred tank bioreactor, about 2200 mg/L, respectively. The production of clavulanic acid in stirred tank bioreactor was about 50% higer than that by an airlift and a bubble column bioreactors. According to this result, the stirred tank bioreactor was selected as a proper bioreactor.


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