A Study on Dissolution Characteristics of UO2 Pellet in Nitric Acid

질산용액에 UO2 Pellet의 용해특성에 관한 연구

  • Received : 1998.01.09
  • Accepted : 1998.03.21
  • Published : 1998.06.10


The effects of surface area of $UO_2$ pellets($s:0.034{\sim}0.282cm^2/g-UO_2$), concentration of nitric acid(1.5~10N) and temperature($40{\sim}105^{\circ}C$) on the dissolution rate were investigated in this experiment. The results showed that dissolution rate of $UO_2$ pellets was in direct proportion to effective surface area(s) and well fit to linear plot in high surface area. The dissolution rate was expressed as dc/dt = 10.6s at $90^{\circ}C$, [$HNO_3$]=8N, and proportioned to the power 1.42 of $HNO_3$ concentration. And also, the results showed that dissolution rate was sharply increased according to temperature increase in temperature below $90^{\circ}C$, but decreased in temperature above $90^{\circ}C$. Activation energy(E) was evaluated to be 36.3KJ/mol.



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