Preparation of Inorganic Ultrafiltration Membrane by Anodic Oxidation in Oxalic Acid

수산전해액하에서 양극산화에 의한 무기 UF막의 제조

  • Lee, Chang-Woo (Dept. of Chem. Eng., College of Eng., Dankook Univ.) ;
  • Hong, Young-Ho (Dept. of Ind. & Chem. Eng., Hye Jeon Junior College) ;
  • Chang, Yoon-Ho (School of Chemical, Polymer & Biological Eng., In-Ha Univ.) ;
  • Hahm, Yeong-Min (Dept. of Chem. Eng., College of Eng., Dankook Univ.)
  • 이창우 (단국대학교 공과대학 화학공학과) ;
  • 홍영호 (혜전 전문대학 공업화학과) ;
  • 장윤호 (인하대학교 공과대학 화학공학과) ;
  • 함영민 (단국대학교 공과대학 화학공학과)
  • Received : 1998.01.21
  • Accepted : 1998.04.16
  • Published : 1998.08.10


The porous size alumina membrane was prepared by anodic oxidation with current method in an aqueous solution of oxalic acid. The aluminum metal plate was pretreated with thermal oxidation, chemical polishing and electropolishing before anodic oxidation. Membrane thickness and pore size distribution were investigated with several anodizing conditions; reaction temperature, cumulative charge, electrolyte concentration and current density. The porous alumina membrane obtained was $55{\sim}75{\mu}m$ thick with straight micropore of 45~100nm. Also, the porous alumina membrane has an uniform pore diameter and pore distribution. It was inorganic ultrafiltration membrane as a kind of the ceramic membrane.


Anodic Oxidation;Oxalic Acid;Porous Alumina Membrane;Inorganic Ultrafiltration Membrane


Supported by : 한국과학재단


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