A Study on in-situ Electrolytic Stripping of a Metal Ion by Using a Highly Packed Glassy Carbon Fiber Column Electrode System

고밀집 Glassy Carbon 섬유 다발체 전극 전해계를 이용한 금속 이온의 in-situ 전해 역추출 특성 연구

  • Received : 1997.08.04
  • Accepted : 1998.04.29
  • Published : 1998.08.10


A study on the electrochemical reduction of uranium (VI) to uranium (IV) was carried out in the mixed phases of an organic phase with uranium (VI) and aqueous phase of nitric acid by use of a highly packed glassy carbon (GC) fiber column electrode system, and a model for in-situ electrolytic stripping of uranium (VI) was suggested. The electrochemical reduction of uranium (VI) occurred faster in organic phase than in aqueous phase of the mixed phases. The uranium stripping yield increased and then became constant with the increase of organic flow rate of the electrolytic system due to the increase of diffusion resistance of uranium ions in the organic phase into the aqueous phase. Aqueous flow rate, on the other hand, didn't affect the total uranium (VI) reduction current in the system. The system combined with electrochemical reduction was confirmed to be much more effective than the simple system without it in stripping uranium.




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