Catalytic Combustion of Methane over Pd-ZSM-5 Catalysts

Pd-ZSM-5 촉매 상에서 메탄의 연소

  • Eom, Gi Tai (Department of Chemical Engineering, Myongji University) ;
  • Park, Jin Woo (Department of Chemical Engineering, Myongji University) ;
  • Ha, Jai-Mok (National Institute of Technology and Quality) ;
  • Hahm, Hyun Sik (Department of Chemical Engineering, Myongji University)
  • Received : 1998.05.11
  • Accepted : 1998.08.17
  • Published : 1998.11.10


The methane combustion reaction was conducted over Pb-ZSM-5 catalysts. ZSM-5 synthesized at low temperature and atomospheric pressure was used as a support. The change of methane conversion with $SiO_2/Al_2O_3$ molar ratio was tested. The methane conversions of the synthesized Pb-ZSM-5 catalyst was compared with those of a commercial Pd-ZSM-5(PQ Co.) and $PdO/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3$. The methane conversion increased with the decrease in $SiO_2/Al_2O_3$ molar ratio. The combustion rate of methane also increased with the decrease in $SiO_2/Al_2O_3$ molar ratio. The synthesized Pb-ZSM-5 showed better methane conversion than that of the commercial one. It is found that a crucial factor in methane combustion reaction is oxygen adsorption strength on the catalysts.


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