Corrosion Characteristics of a 5Cr-1Mo Steel Specimen by Sodium-Water Reaction

나트륨-물 반응에 의한 5Cr-1Mo Steel 시편의 부식특성

  • Jeong, Kyung-Chai (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KALIMER Verification Test Lab.) ;
  • Jeong, Ji-Yeong (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KALIMER Verification Test Lab.) ;
  • Park, Jin-Ho (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KALIMER Verification Test Lab.) ;
  • Hwang, Sung-Tai (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KALIMER Verification Test Lab.) ;
  • Kim, Eui-Sik (Department of Chemical Engineering, Chungbuk National University)
  • 정경채 (한국원자력연구소 KALlMER 검증시험 Lab.) ;
  • 정지영 (한국원자력연구소 KALlMER 검증시험 Lab.) ;
  • 박진호 (한국원자력연구소 KALlMER 검증시험 Lab.) ;
  • 황성태 (한국원자력연구소 KALlMER 검증시험 Lab.) ;
  • 김의식 (충북대학교 화학공학과)
  • Received : 1998.06.16
  • Accepted : 1998.09.09
  • Published : 1998.12.10


Small water leak experiment was carried out for the 5Cr-1Mo steel specimen in sodium atmosphere. Perfect re-open time for the leak path of a specimen, by micro leak, was 129 minutes, and its size observed about 2 mm diameter at sodium side. The halos phenomena appeared around of leak spot before the leak path has re-opened, and the size of halos observed was different from the real re-open size of a specimen. Also, the corrosion of a specimen initiated from sodium side, but it did not occur at steam side. In AES analysis, the segregation phenomena of Cr in the specimen was found much more than those of other elements. And also, the sodium compounds formed by sodium-water reaction and deposited onto the leak site of specimen were observed by EPMA analysis and SEM photograph. It is postulated that the corrosion products could be precipitated to form mixed Na Fe Cr compounds.


Grant : 원자력개발 중장기 과제

Supported by : 과기부


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