A Digital Library Prototype for Access to Diverse Collections

다양한 장서 접근을 위한 디지털 도서관의 프로토타입 구축

  • Choi Won-Tae (Dept. of Library and Information Science, Konkuk University)
  • Published : 1998.06.01


This article is an overview of the digital library project, indicating what roles Koreas diverse digital collections may play. Our digital library prototype has simple architecture, consisting of digital repositories, filters, indexing and searching, and clients. Digital repositories include various types of materials and databases. The role of filters is to recognize a format of a document collection and mark the structural components of each of its documents. We are using a database management system (ORACLE and ConText) supporting user-defined functions and access methods that allows us to easily incorporate new object analysis, structuring, and indexing technology into a repository. Clients can be considered browsers or viewers designed for different document data types, such as image, audio, video, SGML, PDF, and KORMARC. The combination of navigational tools supports a variety of approaches to identifying collections and browsing or searching for individual items. The search interface was implemented using HTML forms and the World Wide Web's CGI mechanism.