Genetic Evaluation of F1, F2 and F3 Crosses of Hariana with Friesian, Brown Swiss and Jersey

  • Dutt, Triveni ;
  • Bhushan, Bharat ;
  • Srivastava, B.B. ;
  • Bhat, P.N.
  • Received : 1997.06.07
  • Accepted : 1998.03.20
  • Published : 1998.10.01


Data on the first lactation performance traits of $F_1$, $F_2$ and $F_3$ crosses covering the period from 1972 to 1995 of a total of 803 dairy cows of three genetic grades maintained at Livestock Production Research Farm, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar were analysed. Three genetic grades were 1/2 Friesian + 1/2 Hariana (FH), 1/2 Friesian + 1/4 Brown Swiss and 1/4 Hariana (FBH) and 1/2 Friesian+ 1/4 Jersey + 1/4 Hariana (FJH). Age at first calving increased by 7% and 8% in $F_2$ and $F_3$, respectively, over the $F_1$ in FH. The reduction in age at first calving at $F_2$ and $F_3$ levels by 2-7% over the $F_1$ was observed in FBH and FJH. The lactation milk yield of $F_1$, $F_2$ and $F_3$ crosses was $1,943{\pm}100.3$, $2202{\pm}120.5$ and $1,925{\pm}123.2kg$ in FH; $2,014{\pm}76.7$, $2,264{\pm}91.5$ and $2,096{\pm}123.9kg$ in FBH and $2,005{\pm}87.0$, $2,414{\pm}94.4$ and $2,093{\pm}121.1kg$ in FJH, respectively. The lactation milk yield improved by 12-20% in $F_2$ crosses in various genetic grades. The performance of $F_1$ was, however, maintained in FH $F_3$ crosses, it improved by 4% in FBH and FJH $F_3$ crosses. The lactation lengths and calving intervals were nearly the same for $F_1$, $F_2$ and $F_3$ crosses in FH while lactation lengths and calving intervals were reduced by 3-11% in $F_2$ and $F_3$ crosses in FBH and FJH genetic grades. The milk yield/day of lactation length and milk yield/day of calving interval increased by 16-35% in $F_2$ and 2-14% in $F_3$ over the $F_1$ in various genetic grades. It is recommended that a sufficiently large effective population size of these three genetic grades be maintained by inter se matings and rigorous selection of sires so for developing a genetic base population for new breed development.


First Lactation Traits;Crossbreds;Dairy Cow