A Phenomenological Study for the Inquiry into Long Life Factors in Persons of One Hundred and Above on Cheju Island

제주도 100세이상 노인의 장수요인 규명을 위한 현상학적 연구

  • Published : 1998.06.01


A long life is the desire of many people. The purpose of this study was to describe long life factors for people aged one hundred and above on Chju island. The research was conducted using a phenomenological method to add understanding to this subject. The field work for this study was done from July, 1997 to February, 1998 on Cheju island. The sample consisted of 10 persons of one hundred or above and 12 families. They were audio-recorded and analyzed using Colaizzi's (1978) method. The results of the present study shows the following: The thoughts of the persons one hundred and above showed ten important concepts; 'dietary regimen', 'mental regimen', 'sleep regimen', 'residence regimen', 'health regimen', 'labor regimen', 'exercise regimen', 'being born', 'filial piety and posterity', 'attachment to life'. Concerning 'Dietary Regimen': Dietary regulation, Preferential food intake, Living on vegetables, Light eating, and concern for longevity in food intake were important. Concerning 'Mental Regimen' : Harmony, Clearheadedness, Mildness, Abstinence, Generosity, Relaxation, Gaiety, Inspiration and Strength were important. Concerning 'Sleep Regimen'; Enough sleeping hours, Sound sleep, Curved sleeping posture, and Comfortable bedding were important. Concerning 'Residence Regimen' ; Clean dwelling, Pleasant surroundings, Thatched house life, Living in the village with good-hearted people, and Regular life were important. Concerning 'Health Regimen'; Temperance of drug, use Proper temperature, Proper humidity, and a Clean body were important. Concerning 'Labor Regimen'; Agricultural labor, Diligence, and Domestic labor were important. Concerning Exercise Regimen': Proper exercise, and Sunbathing were important. Concerning 'Being Born' ; Strong physical constitution, Longevity lineage, and Destiny were important. Concerning 'Filial Piety and Posterity' : Showing respect to a long-lived elder and Reducing anxiety were important. Concerning 'Attachment to Life' ; The desire to live long was important. The following conclusion was made from the above results. Human beings cannot avoid death, but the span of life can be prolonged to the maximum span of human life by wisdom, health care, and proper environmental conditions. As a result, a health regimen must be imposed for longevity such as controling food intake, having positive thoughts, being relaxed, sleeping enough, clean dwelling, taking care of oneself which can improve immunity and resistance to decrease, as well as proper labor and exercise. In addition, when filial piety is served, the desire of longevity and retaining one's youthfulness for a long time can be achieved. These should be done to live long and lead a qualitative life. By the results of this research, the following is suggesed for nursing. To satisfy the basic nursing principle that nursing must be practiced to help people live long, education must be spread to people who are nursed and their family so that they can lead a healthy life. And in nursing elders, nurses must recognize that elders have a strong desire for life, even though they may have negative thoughts about life at times. Therefore nurses have to respect the elders' value of life, and help them improve their self-esteem and self -fulfilment.