Composting of Compostable Household Wastes in a Home Composter without Additives

소형 퇴비화용기에 의한 가정쓰레기의 무첨가 퇴비화

  • Published : 1998.06.30


In this study, the compostable household wastes from a house were composted in a home composter without adding any bulking agent and microorganisms. Every day wastes of 1kg were added to the composter during the experimental period. The following results were obtained : 1. Each component of the compostable household wastes generated every day showed very difference. 2. While composting proceeded at room temperature by suppling 1,1322 l air per hour, the composting material maintained the water content of 74.36 ${\sim}$ 85.14%, whereas while composting proceeded at $45^{\circ}C$ by suppling 427 l air per hour, the compost had optimal water content. The electric power of 132kwh a month was required by operating the composting unit at $45^{\circ}C$. 3. During 20 day, decomposition of 28% at room temperature and 44% at $45^{\circ}C$ were obtained respectively. 4. The accumulation of inorganic compound contents were not shown during the composting period, However, the content of salt and Cd was very high. Therefore, using the compost for agriculture has to be careful. 5. The biofilter removed the odorous substants efficiently at the room temperature due to increasing surface loading.