Stimulation Effect of Early Growth in Crops by Low Dose Radiation

저선량 방사선에 의한 작물 초기생육 촉진효과

  • Published : 1998.06.30


Germination rate and early growth in crop such as rice,soybean,and perilla were observed after irradiation of $^{\gamma}$-ray (Co-60) in order to determine the effects of low does radiation. The low dose radiation was able to improve the early growth in crops and their agricultural charaters. Germination rate of 2Gy-irradiatied rice seeds was high and also were seeding height and fresh weight of the 0.5 Gy-irradiated. Germination rate and early growth of soybean were high in 4Gy-irradiated group. Perilla gew ot so promisingly after after low dose irradiation,however there slightly increasing effects on germination rate, seeding height and fresh weightat 2Gt-, 1Gy-, and 1Gy irradiated group, respectively.