Effect of Organic Matter Application on Heavy Metal Uptake of Infant Rice Seedling

어린모의 중금속(重金屬) 흡수(吸收)에 미치는 유기물(有機物) 시용(施用) 효과(效果)

  • 김정규 (고려대학교 응용생명환경화학과) ;
  • 이창호 (고려대학교 응용생명환경화학과) ;
  • 이원석 (국립환경연구원) ;
  • 임수길 (고려대학교 응용생명환경화학과)
  • Published : 1998.06.30


To investigate effects of organic matter application on heavy metal uptake of infant rice seeding, the various amount of organic matter(peat and $Bio-com^{(R)}$)was applied on Cd or Cu treated nursery bed soil. No growth difference was observed up to 20mg/kg of Cu treatment. Above 20mg/kg of Cu treatment, the seeding height and top dry weight were decreased but the Cu uptake by seeding was increased with increasing Cu treatment level. The mat formation was poor above 20mg/kg of Cu treatment, however, the seeding peat application level. All peat treatment resulted better mat formation than control. The seeding height and top dry increasing Cd treatment level. The mat formation was not effected by either Cd treatment level or organic matter sources. The effect of peat and $Bio-com{(R)}$ application on Cd uptake by infant rice seeding was not observed at all Cd treatments level.