Water Quality of Streams in Some Agricultural Areas of Different Agricultural Practices along Nakdong River Basin

낙동강 유역 주요 농업지대 소하천 수질의 영농형태별 비교

  • Published : 1998.06.30


A survey on four tributary streams in agricultural areas along Nakdong River was carried out to evaluate the effect of agricultural practices on the quality of streamwater. Typicalpaddy and upland farmings were major agriculturalpractice in two survey areas. Apple orchards were located along Imgo -Cheon. Intensive farming in plastic film house was conducted along the Habin cheon. Electriclal condutivity and nutrient contents were measured. Comparing to the reference water sample collected from very upper part of Yangsang -Cheon in Moonkyong, water in the streams studied were quite polluted and such pollution could be due to the farmings conducted along the streams. Phosphorus content were higher than the minimum level for eutrophication (0.01-0.05 mg/L). Nitrogeon content were also significantly high in many sites to cause harmful effects on crops when normalfertilizer level was applicated. Among the four stream, water quality in paddy area were relatively less polluted. High nitrogen level in Imgo-Cheon and high level of EC in Habin-Cheon were problematic. As farming is the major sources of pollution in the streams studied, this are traceable to the agricultural nonpoint sources. To maintain water quality of the stream, the agricultural nonpoint source along thributary streams should be properly controlled.