Survey on the Green house Flower Soil Chemicophysical Properties and Amount of Fertilizers and Soil Amendment Applications

시설화훼(施設花卉) 재배지(栽培地) 토양(土壤)의 이화학성(理化學性)과 화학비료(化學肥料) 및 토양개량제(土壤改良制) 시용량(施用量) 조사(調査)

  • Hwang, Ki-Sung (National Horticultural Research Instisute,RDA) ;
  • Noh, Dae-Chul (National Insititute of Agricultural Science and Technology) ;
  • Ho, Qyo-Soon (College of Agriculture,Sangji University)
  • Published : 1998.06.30


This study was conducted to obtain basic information for soil improvement in flower crop cultivating greenhouse soil through survey on the chemical and physical properties of greenhouse soils. Total of 85 Flowcultivating farms were surveyed and analysis was done on the soil characteristics, amounts of chemical fertilizer and soil amendmentuse. The result are as follows: In soil properties of flower cultivating greenhousees, silt clay loam was 51%and 68% of the surveyed soils had good drainage condition. Ground water table was over 90-120cm which was optimum range for flower cultivation. Flower cultivating farms had problem with accumulation of fertility. Nitrate nitrogen was accumulated in Gypsophila paniculate farms and available phosphorus, and exchangeable postassium were significantly higher in greenhouse soils about 2 times than in open field soil. Application amount of chemical feltilizers in greenhouses were nitrate 211,phosphorus 135, and potassium 132kg/ha, respectively. Amount of organic matter used in greenhouse were high in order of cattle manure> compost> organic fertilizer> poultry manure> swine manure and their application amounts were69, 103, 32, 20, and 43 MT/ha, respectively.