Occurrence and Distribution of Weedy Rice in Kyonggi Region

  • Published : 1998.12.01


Distribution and occurrence of weedy rice in Kyonggi region were surveyed in 1996. Weedy rice was observed in 1368 fields (54.9%) of total 2490 fields. Almost two thirds of paddy fields in northern mountainous region were contaminated by weedy rice and more severe contamination, three forths of paddy fields, was observed in suburban regions. In those regions, occurrence of weedy rice was greater than those in north-eastern inland and south-western plain regions. The occurrence of weedy rice was higher in water seeding cultivation (66.7%) than other cultivation methods. The number of weedy rice per 10a was 756.7 plants in direct seeding on dry paddy and 379.4 plants in water seeding. The occurrence of weedy rice was higher in fields planted by farmer's seeds than that of paddy fields cultivated by certified seeds, and the longer the farmer's seeds being used, the more weedy rice occurred in paddy field.