Production of Carbonized Rice Husks by a Cyclone Combustor(I)

사이클론 연소기를 이용한 탄화왕겨의 제조(I)

  • 고길표 (충북대학교 농업기계공학과) ;
  • 노수영 (충북대학교 농업기계공학과)
  • Published : 1998.02.01


Carbonized rice husk(char from rice husk) can be used to improve soils for planting, seedlings, horiculture, pomiculture and truck gardening. Although it is not a fertilizer in nature, it stimulates the growth of plants. Carbonized rice husk is highly recommended for raising soil/water temperature, keeping moisture and aerating roots of plants. The objective of this study was to develop the effective production method of carbonized rice husks by a non-slagging vertical cyclone combustor. A cyclone combustor w vortex collecor Pocket in addition to central collector pocket was selected and tested. Isothermal tests and mixed firing with LPG and rice husk were performed in order to characterize the system. hut rice husk was used during the isothermal test to find the mass collected of rice husk. It was impossible to ignite rice husk itself over the experimental conditions considered in this experiment. The composition of original and carbonized rice husks was analyzed by the ultimate analysis. With the air flow rate of 20 ㎥/h, LPG flow rate of 0.45 1/min, the required carbonized rice husk could be obtained.