Emission Estimation of Air Pollutants in Kimhae Area

김해시 대기오염물질 배출량 산정

  • Published : 1998.10.01


This study is to find out the emission estimation in Kimhae area. For this purpose, the Kimhae statistical yearbook and data of waste facilities issued by Kimhae city and the report on energy census issued by the ministry of trade, industry and energy are used. Each item for the emission estimation is $SO_2$, CO, HC, Nox, TSP from point, line, area sources. The results were as follows; The air pollutants with the highest mont of emission from the emission sources is CO followed by Nox, $SO_2$, TSP, HC in descending order of magnitude. The emission consists of 66.15% of line, 24.65% of area and 9.20% of point sources at Kimhae.