Statistical analyses on the damage consequences of occupational accidents in construction work

건설공사 노동재해의 피해강도 및 규모특성에 관한 통계분석

  • 최기봉 (충청전문대학 산업안전과)
  • Published : 1998.03.01


Statistical analyses of occupational accidents associated with construction work were carried out to explore the basic statistical characteristics of their damage consequences. Emphasis was placed upon the probabilistic and statistical analyses to clarify, in particular, the relationship between frequency of labour accidents and their damage consequences. Damage consequences were classified into two categories such as the number of workdays lost due to accidents and the number of injured workers involved in one accident. Two types of accident data were collected for the analyses. From the analyses, it was found that the relation between damage due to accidents and their frequencies can be represented by a simple power function which indicates a log-log linear relation. By making use of this relationship, various probabilistic evaluations such as the estimation of the mean time periods between accidents, expected damage consequences, and expected damage ratio between different mean time period of accidents were conducted.