Structural Evaluation on the Impact of a Radioisotope Package

  • Published : 1998.10.01


A package to transport high-level radioactive materials is required to withstand normal transport and hypothetical accident conditions pursuant to the IAEA and domestic regulations. The package should maintain the structural safety not to release radioactive material in any condition. The structural safety of the package has been evaluated by tests using proto-type or scaled-down models, however, the method by analysis is gradually utilized due to recent advancement of computers and computer codes. In this paper, to evaluate the structural safety of a radioisotope package of the KAERI, the three dimensional impact analyses under 9m free drop and 1m puncture were performed with an explicit finite-element code, the LS-DYNA3D code. The maximum stress intensity on each part was calculated and the structural safety of the package was evaluated in accordance with the regulations.



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