The Simulation of Semicale Natural Circulation Test 5-NC-3,S-NC-4 Using RELAP5/Mod3.1

  • Kim, S. N. (Kyunghee University) ;
  • W. H. Jang (Kyunghee University)
  • Published : 1998.10.01


RELAP5/Mod3.1 code was assessed with the semiscale experiment S-NC-3, and S-NC-4, which simulated the two-phase natural circulation and reflux condensation for the SBLOCA of PWR, respectively . Test S-NC-3 and S-NC-4 calculation results showed that RELAP5/Mod3.1 quite well describes the influence of steam generator secondary side heat transfer degradation on both two-phase natural circulation and reflux condensation. A comparison between the calculated and measured two-phase mass flow rate in test S-NC-3 shows good agreement for primary mass inventory more than 92%. And RELAP5/Mod3.1 have a good mass flow rate prediction capability for the transient such as S-NC-4 except some flow oscillations. The reflux flow rate for S-NC-4 test is under predicted, and the overall results verify that the correct prediction of the reduced liquid level appears to be required for the correct calculation of the overall phenomena.



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