A Study on Activity Information Accounting Systems : Focusing on Their Flexibilities and Applicabilities

활동정보회계시스템의 구축에 관한 연구 : 유연성과 적용가능성을 중심으로

  • Published : 1998.06.01


Various trials to overcome the limitation of current accounting which fails in synchronizing business activities and their information have failed to make satisfactory result merely showing a little saving of processing time. This is because such trials have been done within the boundary of double-entry bookkeeping system. Without consolidating business activities and their information, reformation efforts such as BPR(business process re-engineering), ABC(activity-based costing), CALS(commerce at light speed) etc to fit the business organization to the changing business environment could not be achieved. Overcoming the limitation of accounting takes precedence of any other attempt to construct the management information systems. Activity Information Accounting System(AIAS) proposes the way of overcoming the limitation of current accounting by using the new accounting methodology and unique solution to real time accounting information. AIAS produces accounting and management information directly of activity information without bookkeeping process of activity information. AIAS adopts method of transforming the details of corporation activities directly into accounting information rather than method of double-entry bookkeeping system. The purpose of this paper is to prove AIAS to be very flexible system by using flexibility concepts. Flexibilities are defined as three aspects, namely ① timeliness (rapid accounting information generations and presentations) ② easy systems modificabilities according to environment changes ③ adaptabilities to all industries.