An Efficient On-line Identification Approach to Rotor Resistance of Induction Motors Without Rotational Transducers

  • Published : 1998.02.01


In this paper, we propose an effective on-line identification method for rotor resistance, which is useful in making speed control of induction motors without rotational transducers robust with respect to the variation in rotor resistance. Our identification method for rotor resistance is based on the linearly perturbed equations of the closed-loop system for sensorless speed control about th operating point. Our identification method for rotor resistance uses only the information of stator currents and voltages. In can provide fairly good identification accuracy regardless of load conditions. Some experimental results are presented to demonstrate the practical use of our identification method. For our experimental work, we have built a sensorless control system, in which all algorithms are implemented on a DSP. Our experimental results confirm that our on-line identification method allows for high precision speed control of commercially available induction motors without rotational transducers.