Charge/Discharge Characteristics of Lithium ion Secondary Battery Using Ag-deposited Graphite as Anode Active Material

은 담지한 흑연을 부극 활물질로 이용한 Lithium ion 2차전지의 충방전 특성

  • Published : 1998.09.01


Ag-deposited graphite powder was prepared by a chemical reduction method of metal particles onto graphite powder. X-ray diffraction observation of Ag-deposited graphite powder revealed that silver existed in a metallic state, but not in an oxidized one. From SEM measurement, ultrafine silver particles were highly dispersed on the surface of graphite particles. Cylindrical lithium ion secondary battery was manufactured using Ag-deposited graphite anodes and $LiCoO_2$ cathodes. The cycleability of lithium ion secondary battery using Ag-deposited graphite anodes was superior to that of original graphite powder. The improved cycleability may be due to both the reduction of electric resistance between electrodes and the highly durable Ag-graphite anode.


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