The Implementation on the Traffic Signal Control Equipment of Intelligence Type Using the PLC

PLC를 사용한 지능형 교통 신호 제어 설비 구현

  • 김태성 (전남대학교 공대 전기공학과) ;
  • 위성동 (송원전문대학 전자과)
  • Published : 1998.01.01


It is not good joint that today's traffic control system that the course of traffic volume increase tendency is followed, in the traffic volume is approched into the time of my car. Accordingly when we analyzed the existing traffic signal control system, the traffic signal system is developed from the machine type that the motor was centered, to get up to date, to the intelligence electron signal control system. But yet, when we have a test and a A/S on the control circuit, the circuit that is designed to the center IC and ROM are complicated. Also, the time of pass lamp that the car line stream is going, can not extended automatically a time till the traffic volume is decreased to the same direction. This theme must be a real time intelligence control system that the time of pass lamp can extend aumatically. The circuit of sequence ladder diagram on the traffic signal control of a crossroads that is desinged, can be satisfied the complicated vehicle order. Therefore when the circuit is changed, the new developed system is economical with that dosen't needs any of components to require the circuit equipment, and the time is saved with needlessness of the circuit wiring again, and have a much trustworthy. The control method of pass signal lamp in the car line stream connecting among PLC and Relay and Temp Sensor, can be changed to hand operation and to semi-automation and to all-automation. New intelligence traffic signal system is composed with all-together system of T Sensor + Video Camera + IBM PC that is able to guiding the establishment of traffic order.


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