Electrical Conductivity and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Characteristics of Polyaniline Films with Adding Material

첨가물질에 따른 폴리아닐린 필름의 전기전도도 및 전자기파 차폐특성

  • Published : 1998.01.01


Polyaniline free standing films are prepared by various processing. The properties of these films such as electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding efficiency are investigated. The conductivities of films doped with a camphorsulfonic acid and a silver are found to be 170/cm and 190S/cm, respectively, indicating metallic behavior. The films added silver, which are casted from hydrochloric acid and dodecylbenzensulfonic acid, show that the electromagnetic shielding efficiency are obtained 42∼52dB and 46∼56dB in the frequency range of 10MHz∼1GHz, respectively. This suggests that the films added silver, which is casted from dodecylbenzensulfonic acid, can be used as electromagnetic shielding material.


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