Change of Blood Cortisol Concentration in Domestic Cats by Various Stress Types

스트레스 유형에 따른 고양이 혈중 Cortisol농도의 변화

  • Published : 1998.03.01


The present study was performed to evaluate circadian rhythm of blood nortisol concentration and change of blood cortisol concentration by various stress type in domestic cats. The ELISA kit for cortisol measurement was evaluated on the effective assay range, day to day variation, within-run variation and accuracy. The results were 1-1,000 ng/ ml, 0.7-5.9%, 0.9-4.5% and 98%, respectively. The circadian rhythm of serum cortisol concentration is presented in cats. Change of serum cortisol concentration was also examined with several stressors, stimulation with hamster as a prey, beep electronic sounds, vehicle transportation and unfamiliar environment. Unfamiliar environment showed most remarkable change in serum cortisol level.


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