Measurements of Midwater Trawl System and Dynamic Characteristics

중층 트롤 시스템의 계측 및 운동 특성

  • 이춘우
  • Published : 1998.09.01


Towing performance of a midwater trawl system was examined aboard the training ship KAYA(2900ps) at the East Sea using the midwater trawl gear that had been designed and manufactured in accordance with the vessel. In this experiment, the trawl system data, the towing speed, the length and tension of the warp, net mouth height, and the depth of otter boards and net were measured and analyzed. The results are as follows: 1. In case of heaving in the warp with constant towing speed, the tension was suddenly increased and then again was reduced and after returned to the original steady state tension. At this time, net height was reduced a bit by ascension of ground rope, but returned to it’s original value. In the case where the warp was paid out, the tension was suddenly decreased and after increased and then returned to the tension of the original state, and the net height was greatly increased instantly by the sinking of the ground rope and then returned to the steady state 2. In the case of increased towing speed mm constant warp length, the tension was increased, and reducing the net height, the gear depth was decreased. On the other hand, in the case where towing speed was reduced, the tension was reduced and the gear depth and net height was increased. 3. Otter boards show a swing motion in the scope of 5~ 10m continuously. Otter boards responded to the state change of the trawl system at first, and then the motion of the net appeared. 4. The depth of net center was about 20m deeper than that of the otter boards, it shows about 0.4 times the warp length at the 4knots towing speed.



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