A Study on the Distribution and Composition of Floating Debris in the Coast of Korea I. Southeastern Sea

연안어장의 부유성 폐기물 분포와 조성에 관한 연구 I . 남해 동부해역

  • 김종화
  • Published : 1998.09.01


Floating debris was recorded from a training ship, #1 Kwarnksan, of Pukyong National University with about 10 knots speed during March, May and July of 1997. The area sampled is the Southeastern Coast of Korea, divided into 40 unit segments on survey routes. Debris fabrication materials were categorized using the following ; man-made or natural wood items, paper, cardboard, nylon rope, netting, styrofoam and plastics, floating metal and glass containers. All identified items within a $100\;{\pm}\;2\;m$ wide band were recorded but ignored if beyond this boundary.The results of distribution and composition of floating debris in the area as follows:1. The quantities of debris during the duration of survey were distributed from 2~605 items per km2. The most obvious trend is the widespread distribution of all debris. 2. The highest densities of all debris were discovered in the coastal waters of Seoimal lighthouse, the southeastern part of Koje island, next near Nakdong estuaries. Especially styrofoam & plastics were observed in 77.4~87.2% of sampled area, next is wood items, 9.1~ 13.5%. And nylon netting & rope, 3.6%, was the third item of pollutant. Others are very small. 3. Compared with the East Coat of Korea, the quantities of all debus in theSoutheastern Sea are 6 times as large as the East Coast. The survey provides a basis for more detailed survey work in the South Sea. Further surveys are being investigated, and from this it is hoped that a much wider coverage can be achieved, perhaps on all sites of the Coast of Korea and contributed to the removal method, finding of sources, stationary area of debris.



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