A Study on the Condensation Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Internally Grooved Tubes Used in Condenser

응축기용 낮은 핀관의 내부 나선 홈에 의한 응축 열전달 성능과 압력손실에 관한 연구

  • 한규일 (부경대학교 제어기계공학과) ;
  • 조동현 (대진대학교기계설계공학과)
  • Published : 1998.06.01


Heat transfer performance improvement by fin and groovs is studied for condensation of R-11 on integral-fin tubes. Eight tubes with trapczodially shaped integral-fins having fin density from 748 to 1654fpm(fin per meter) and 10, 30 grooves are tested. A plain tube having the same diameter as the finned tubes is also used for comparison. R-11 condensates at saturation state of 32 $^{\circ}C$ on the outside tube surface coded by inside water flow. All of test data are taken at steady state. The heat transfer loop is used for testing singe long tubes and cooling is pumped from a storage tank through filters and folwmeters to the horizontal test section where it is heated by steam condensing on the outside of the tubes. The pressure drop across the test section is measured by menas pressure gauge and manometer. The results obtained in this study is as follows : 1. Based on inside diameter and nominal inside area, overall heat transfer coefficients of finned tube are enhanced up to 1.6 ~ 3.7 times that of a plain tube at a constant Reynolds number. 2. Friction factors are up to 1.6 ~ 2.1 times those of plain tubes. 3. The constant pumping power ratio for the low integral-fin tubes increase directly with the effective area to the nominal area ratio, and with the effective area diameter ratio. 4. A tube having a fin density of 1299fpm and 30 grooves has the best heat transfer performance.


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