A Study on the Evaluation of Irregular Disturbances to Automatic Steering System of Fishing Boat in Waves

파랑줄을 항행하는 어선의 자동조타시스템에 작용하는 불규칙 외한 추정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.06.01


When an automatic course-keeping is concerned, as is quite popular in modem navigation, the closed-loop steering system consists of autopilot device, power unit (or telemotor unit), steering gear, magnetic or gyro compass and ship dynamics. In order to estimate automatic steering system of ships in open seas. we need to know the characteristics of each component of the system, and also to know the characteristics of disturbance to ship dynamics. In this paper, I provide calculation method of imposing irregular disturbance to autopilot navigation system of the ship in open seas, and also show calculation examples about fishing boat. The disturbance consists of the irregular wave and the fluctuating component of wind. Finally, The disturbances are calculated in terms of equivalent yaw angular velocity. Each spectrum and time history of disturbance are reasonably evaluated.



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