다중 위성 관측을 이용한 CME 전파 과정에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1998.12.01


We investigate the propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections(CMEs) near the earth with multi-satellite observations. Among the CMEs observed in the near-earth between Nov. 1994 and Nov. 1997, we select two events of Jan. 6-11,1997 and Nov. 4-7, 1997 which were observed by more than 3 satellites when these satellites were located apart with a sufficient distance from each other. We determine the speed and propagation of the two CMEs by calculating the position of each satellite in various coordinates and the onset time of each event. The results show that the speed of CMEs becomes significantly reduced when the perturbation arrives in the magnetosphere. It is also suggested that the propagation of the CMEs is approximated as the -x direction in GSE coordinates in the near-earth space.



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